Room Rental

Fully equipped practice rooms are available on a first come first serve daily basis for $15 per hour. Just bring sticks and headphones!

We charge $75/hr for repairs and work on drums.

We can do anything from drum restoration and cymbal drilling to shell drilling, snare drum set up, and finish repair.

Looking for that one wingnut you can’t find anywhere else?

We have a huge inventory of vintage and modern parts in the store. This includes hoops, lugs, tension rods, hardware pieces, and everything in between for most vintage and modern styles.

Come dig through our stock!

Let us bring the drums to you!

We offer home delivery as an additional service* when you buy a new drum set. We’ll show you how to set everything up right in your home.

*Additional charge applies

This is not your typical cymbal cleaning!

Bring us your scuffed, marred, dull, or patina’d cymbals and we’ll make them look like new with our Pro Cymbal Cleaning machine. We can bring the dirtiest of cymbals back to life, or put an extra sheen on a cymbal that has dulled over time.

Rate: $1 per inch

We rent full drum sets with hardware and cymbals.

Full kit with cymbals and hardware= $175.00/night
Shells only= $100
Cymbals only= $75
Hardware pack= $50
5 days or more-full kit rental = $125/night