Dave Jette

Dave Jette teaches the full concept of how to be a drummer and to be a complete musician. He is an alumnus of Berklee and a veteran of the Northwest music scene and the Texas music scene where he moved to Seattle from. He has studied with Alan Dawson,Kenwood Dennard,Billy Cobham,Tom Brechtlein and the great Claudio Slon.

He loves and teaches all the American roots styles (r&b, soul, rock, funk, the serious shuffle) and jazz, and the full diaspora of latin/brazilian music. All the modern concepts of drumming including linear, 4-way  coordination, technique, transcription, metric modulation, song-form analysis and ear training are taught. He also plays piano/guitar/bass and can teach the first two years of the total Berklee curriculum. All lessons are in a studio equipped with a keyboard and PA so that music making can start right away.

Beginners to advanced are welcome.

To schedule a lesson with Dave Jette, call (425) 747-6145.