Donn Bennett Drum Studio has been serving the Northwest with professional drums and percussion for over 20 years. We also offer private lessons with the finest teaching staff in the greater Seattle area.

Donn Bennett founded the shop first as a drum school, and quickly expanded into a shop specializing in vintage drums. Over the years the shop has acquired the largest collection of famous and historic drums and gear in the world.

Today the shop is owned and operated by Rudy Simone, who preserves all the qualities that made the shop what it is today while still expanding and growing the business. With new drums, used drums, and celebrity drums, there’s never been a better time to come visit.

As the Northwest’s largest independent drum retailer, Donn Bennett Drum Studio has been working with drummers, from the beginning student to the touring pro, since 1977. Come in to see why drummer’s from around the world love Donn Bennett Drum Studio!

Our Staff

Donn Bennett – Founder

Donn has been teaching in the area for over 30 years, and been buying and selling drums for over 20. Donn started the shop out of his house buying, selling and trading drums for his own personal collection. Donn found he had a knack for finding rare and unusual drums and his collection became so large he opened up a shop where he could teach drum lessons and sell drums. Over the years Donn has become well known not just in the area but in the world and with some of the most famous of drummers.

Rudy Simone – Owner

Rudy started taking lessons here when he was 13 years old and quickly became an integral part of the Donn Bennett Drum Studio family. After working as an employee, in October of 2012, Rudy became the official owner of Donn Bennett Drum Studio.

Chris Hankins – Shop Manager

On almost any given day you can find Chris working at the counter in the shop. Chris has an encyclopedic knowledge of drums throughout the ages, and also has a difficult time writing biographies, which sometimes forces Cole to write one for him.

Cole Paramore – Web/IT

Originally from Alaska, Cole started working with the shop in 2015 on media and online presence. Cole also plays and teaches locally.

Stella – Drum Dog

Stella can be found most days either running around the drum sets in the shop or sleeping in Rudy’s office. A great way to pick out a drum set is to ask Stella what she thinks and see which kit she runs to.